Who am I?

I am 'Eclectic'

‘Eclectic’, not following any one system, but selecting what are considered the best elements of all systems. With an astounding mother as a musician and trained vocalist, Shantelle “Eclectic” Thompson grew up listening to good music from Gospel, to R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop and Alternative. Through this exposure, Eclectic started sharing her love for music as a Lyricist at the young age of 10 and frequently won talent shows during her teen years. She continued using her gift and while attending Prairie View A&M University, through Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for Women, she would meet vocalist Yvette “Vet” Hardin and several years after graduation the two would form the bold, cutting edge urban gospel group F.R.E.E. (The only Hip Hop Female Duo with a Christian platform).

F.R.E.E.’s self-titled EP afforded Eclectic and Vet opportunities to open up for many greats including the popular MisFits Tour that featured DaT.r.u.t.h. and Mali Music, national TV appearances such as Bobby Jones Presents and the privilege for Eclectic to continually participate in SXSW Music and Media Conference as an

artist and DJ which is the world's leading music industry event.

Through Eclectic’s tenure in music, she decided to not only be a lyricist but to broaden her horizon through 2 decks and a mixer. Eclectic has been DJing for 6 years and whether DJing or MCing, Eclectic loves infusing old school and new music, creating an exhilarating experience. As a DJ, she has been blessed to share the stage with Isaac Carree, Bizzle, Floetry, and DJ the largest MLK March in America with over 200,000 attendees. In addition, she’s been able to share her talents during the Stellar Awards Weekend. Eclectic also incorporates her recording artistry and DJing into being a Radio Personality. Currently the “Eclectic Mixtape Radio show” airs on 2 internet radio stations and the “Traffic Jam Mix w/ DJ Ms. Eclectic” airs on New Praise Radio. Eclectic has also made recurring DJ appearances on Radio One.

Eclectic is looking forward to releasing her debut solo EP this Fall. Currently her new single “Love It” is making its way to air waves. With Jesus in the forefront, she lives for music and knows no limits. “Music is a universal language that’s infectious. It uplifts one’s spirits. It’s more than beats, melodies and hooks, it’s the tune that defines lives.”

"Music is life and God is love"


F.R.E.E. Forever Radical Edifying & Exalting


The only hip-hop female duo with a christian platform.